Monday, 3 October 2011


Have you ever had a tricking flu? A flu that is so clever. I have. I've been sick for a very long time now. The flu germs are tricking me by going away for few days and then it hits again. I feel like every week I'm sick half of the week and then well the other half. But it is sticking around.

So I haven't had motivation to do anything. I've been just lying on the couch and being. Lucky Emma's favorite game (besides reading books) is playing peek-a-boo on the couch with the curtain. She's been fascinated of that for many months now.

The game goes so that she hides behid the curtain and waits for me to ask "Where's Emma?" then she pops out and laughs. My job is to say peek-a-boo, pook-a-bee, pak-i-boo, boo, kukkuu, kukkuluuruu. I vary. Sometimes she doesn't pop out straight away, but slowly reveals where she is, having her head on the side.

These moments, when I've just been hanging with her, have made me think a lot about motherhood. Too often when I'm trying to do things during the day she's hanging to my leg and I get frustrated. And now that I've been just sitting and resting, she's been happy and playing around. Maybe the flu germs are trying to tell me something, maybe I really need to stop every once in a while and just be with her.

So nevertheless the flu seems to be sticking around, I'm greatful that it has forced me to stop. Now we've been giggling and cuddling and reading lots of books. We've been practicing words without much success and dancing to some tunes.

There are so many nice words written about motherhood out there. I've got this printed on my fridge and I made a printable for all of you from this poem that I shared with you awhile ago. So stay tuned for that printable!


  1. OIH! Niin ihania kuvia Emmasta! Hän on niin ihana, kun haluaa leikkiä piilosia! <3 Aunty Suvi

  2. Eikö! Mäkin tykkään tosi kovin näistä kuvista. Jotenkin onnistuivat hurjan hyvin. Ihanaa viikkoa sinne Helsinkiin!


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