Monday, 28 November 2011

Red shoes

I was too little to remember this ever happening, but I've heard it so many times that has become a memory to me. When my grandmum died, I would have been about 3, my dad told my mum to go and buy a pair of black shoes for me for the funeral.

But as we got to the shoe store I glanced at a pair of red shoes. I had insisted on trying them on and when I got them on I didn't want to take them of. In the end my mother had to buy the red ones to get us out of the store, without any black ones.

The story continues that when my dad saw the red shoes, he wasn't too happy. Because who can wear red shoes to a funeral! Well I did, and they shine in every picture from that funeral. I loved my shiny red shoes.

So when I saw a pair of red shoes in an op shop I couldn't resist, and neither could Emma. She was lifting her feet signaling me to put them on for her. No funeral this time, but one very happy girl again. I think every girl needs a pair of bright red shoes.

Oh and I made that dress for her. Pattern from Ottobre 3/2011. I love that material and she looks adorable in it. And you can guess who she wanted to spend the whole weekend with. My little daddy's girl. It's so nice to have dad home for the weekends. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some my time please

Wow, I had no idea how tired I would be, being a single parent during the week. You count on the other one so much that when they are not there, simple things like keeping the house clean and showering, become problematic.

So I've made sure that I have some of my own time to do something. It's not much, but I love making these stamps.

I think they look a bit like leaves though they are suppose to be feathers. Oh well, works both I think.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Simple is beautiful

I found this vest on Ravelry and decided to make it.

It was easy and quick to make, just the sort of thing I can knit with my patience. It will be flying to Finland for one special little girl to warm her on cold winter days. She is going to need it much more than this little miss here in the land of hotness. Oh and I had to put star buttons, to add little extra cuteness.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Finger painting

Last week was a bit like a holiday for us. My husband took the week off and spent it with us, because today he is starting at the Police Academy and we will only see him during the weekends. It was so nice having him around, but still we were busy doing things around the house all week.

So I thought we should do something together with Emma. I remembered this post from Modern Parents Messy Kids with edible finger paint, and I wanted to try it.

It was perfectly sunny and warm day to do it, so we went outside, stripped her nearly naked and started painting.

First some paper and then some feet.

And then anything we could find.

It was so much fun! I recomend it to anyone.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Art exhibiton

Here's our art exhibition. Thanks so much everyone who participated. I loved getting them and being amazed how talented you all are, especially all the children! They are amazing!

Enjoy this splash of art!

 "Hello and goodbye."

 Painted by Amelia, 7 years

"Happy face" by Riley, 5years


Painted by Merja, H.E.L.M.I

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hard work pays off

Wow, I was asked to do a wedding present for a couple who loves splities and even has one (the car in the picture). The budget was rather low hence the t-towels. But I wanted to make it somehow special.

It is by far the most difficult thing I have ever hand printed, especially the vw logo. But it is also the first crafty thing I've been paid for.

Husband also made them these forks. I got the idea somewhere, but I can't remember where I've seen them. I tried it but it turned out to be too difficult for me to master. Lucky that husband of mine has skills to handle metal. So you could say that these are hand printed too!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Happened not too long ago: We were in the library with Emma and as usual she started to pul out the books on the floor. As I went to put the books back on the shelf I noticed a book with a very familiar word on the cover.

Yes that book was here in Australia, in a small town library! Can you believe it! The story is about two girls, one living in Australia and the other living in FINLAND! They are penpals and write emails to each other.

Now I remember when I was a little girl and had penpals, and we wrote letters, on paper with pen. But apparently this is the way they do it these days, email. But that's a side track.

It's written by an Aussi and the pictures are drawn by a Finn. I had to borrow it and read it. I think the pictures show really well the different climate and culture.

The book is leading into Christmas and how the two girls and their families prepare for Christmas. It's about how cold it is in Finland and how hot it is in Australia. The girls send each other cold breezes and hot sunny days to help cope with the different climates.

 I can't but admit that I do miss Finland and Christmas time there, especially after this picture.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Proud as a punch

Oh I had so much fun on the weekend! I had my friends daughter over because she wanted to make a pencil case for herself. She came over and pretty much told me what she wanted to make, and that is exactly what we made.

I learned something valuable. When she came to our house with all the colourful zips and the jeans and told me how she wanted this pencil case to look like, I felt like saying something and guiding her to do something a bit different. I'm glad I didn't. It looks like hers and she loves it. It looks like she really has made it. I don't think I've ever seen any kid so proud.

So after we had finished the pencil case we still felt really crafty. She has three younger siblings and she wanted to make something for them for Chrsitmas. I knew exactly what we needed to try out.

You all probably know the blog MADE. (If not, you definately need to go and check it out) She has so many awesome tutorials there and I've made a lot from them. But one of the latest that I really liked was this DIY puzzle. Here's hers.

Don't they look good! So easy and now she's actually made something herself for her brother and sisters. Of course I had to make some too, for my two precious nieces.

Oh and if some of you were thinking, this girl is the one who I made this bookmark.

Have a great Monday!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Stamping away

I am so ecstatic! I made my own stamp, finally. I've been dreaming of this and now I just want to make more. So more you will probably see.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Two homes

Suppose I could show you what I gave for my husband as a gift on our anniversary. First you need to know that the idea was to buy a tent and go camping on the weekend, but our money situation didn't allow me to buy any tents. So I made something quick and easy, but also nice for our home.

We have this rule when buying an anniversary gift that it needs to be something that is for both of us. With that said, it's not so easy to think of an anniversary gift you know.

You've probably seen many different map crafts around the internet and I love all of them. We both love maps with my husband so it's very suited. The maps are of the two places where we've had our home, in Finland and Australia, and I think there will be a few more of these map pictures.

And if you wonder what he gave to me... well he took me to the observatory to look at the stars, galaxies and planets, he took me to the temple so that our family can be together forever and he gave me a big ring (called yesterday, today and forever, 3 rather decent size diamonds and that's why we don't have any money for anything else). So very smoochy smoochy and nice!
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