Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Silly things...

I love lists. So here's one:

Things I have done while I've been pregnant that don't really make any sense:

  • Had a collar shirt wrong way around and wondered for an hour why it was so uncomfortable. Yeah took me an hour to figure that out. 
  • Drank watercolour water, you know the one where you dip your brushes. Made so sure that my daughter wouldn't drink it that I ended up having it in my own mouth.
  • Forgot my wallet behind the back door, outside and over night. Lucky no-one stole it. Found it the next morning when I went outside and opened the door.
  • Remembered on Saturday that my daughter was suppose to have vaxinations the previous Tuesday. It then took me about two week to rebook her appointment as I kept forgetting again.
  • Left a needle in a beanie that I took to the store to be sold, turned out I hadn't finished it yet.
  • Cried when I took a pizza out of the oven, because it smelled so nice.
  • Cried hopelessly when I saw a long lost friend standing in front of me. She on the other hand didn't have a clue who this crying and hugging woman was. It had been 10 years sinse we saw each other.
  • Cried when I saw a tv add to remind us that we should wear seatbelts. I could make a whole list of things I've cried about.
  • Was looking for a knife at a friends place, couldn't find it in the first drawer and as I opened the second one I had totally forgotten what I was looking for. So I just kept staring at the content of the second drawer until my friend came to help me.
 There's the ones I can remember, and I didn't even include all the meetings I have forgotten to go to or all the times I have cried for no good reason.

Isn't it amazingly weird how one tiny person growing inside of us can make our brains mash. Have you done something silly while you've been pregnant? I really hope I'm not the only one.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jean factory

Emma is lacking some long pants and I've felt really bad because she's had to wear small pants. So when my favorite jeans wore out, I decided to make her some jeans out of them. Then I found some other old jeans and made a whole lot of jeans for her. (Didn't take a photo of all of them)

They are quite loose because I don't like my kids to wear too tight jeans. Kids are meant to run and climb and do somersaults and none of that is comfortable in tight jeans. And I plan that this next kiddo can wear these too.

They were really quick to make and it was a good small project to keep me going. I've felt a bit unmotivated lately.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

For another butterfly girl and a way to keep your hands clean while eating

Dear Matilda, who is such a ray of sunshine and one of Emma's besties, turned one. I made the birthday girl a butterfly shirt (just like Emma's, as seen here) and a girly beanie. Very fitting for a garden themed party.

We had so much fun at the birthday party. So many toys, so many friends and most of all so much yummy food. Yes this is my darling girl and I have no idea why she was eating the cupcake like that. Maybe to keep her hands clean, maybe to entertain everyone. Who knows what goes on in that girls head.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magical time

It's winter. It's sunny and then rainy. It's windy and freezing and then you have too much on and it's hot. It's winter. And I love it.

Then there is our dearest ugg boots. What would we do without you. We use them inside and outside, from morning thru evening.

We had an adventure. Daddy went to get firewood and we climbed up a big and rocky hill. The views were amazing from up high and the noises enchanting. Different birds, few sheep going baa. We were still and quiet. When we spoke, it was just whispers. Magical.

We saw a sunset that looked more like a massive fire somewhere far away. And after the sun had gone down the storm clouds appeared. It was like the rain was extinguishing the burning sun.

And an eagles nest high up in a tree.

The storm is here right now. Wind has ripped off nearly all of the leaves from out tree. I can hear the rain on the window.

We got a treat last night as we were driving back home. Echidna was wabbling across the road. Just before it a kangaroo had hopped across the road, too quick for me to get a picture and noticed just in time that we didn't crash with it. But this little fellow, well he melted my heart.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

For our family's superhero

Oh my brain. Of course I made something for the new constable. I meant to put it with Emma's shirt, but totally forgot. Oh well here it is, a shirt to remind him that even when he's off duty, he's never really off duty, if you get my drift. I just bought a plain shirt and then used a stencil to get the image and the text on it. You can find the superman stencil here. The letters I just made myself using fonts from microsoft word.

And if you ask me, I'm super happy with it and think it's funky as.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Quick and fun textille printing with a toddler

Whoa time goes fast now that hubby is home. I've had hardly any time to get on the computer as I'm enjoying cooking. Yes who would have known! But I'll share more about that later.

Now I just wanted to quickly show you guys what our little miss wore on the graduation day. And it's as if she knew what the shirt was saying, because she has been testing our nerves more than ever during the last week.

I cut the letters out of contact paper (with a big help from my lovely sister-in-law) and then Emma went nuts with the paint over the shirt. I did have to monitor her quite a bit so that the stamping stayed on the letters. She still had a lot of fun.

Then I just waited it to dry and peeled off the letters. Quick and easy. I don't know what I was thinking when I chose the green colour, I should have gone with blue of course. Blame it on the pregnancy brain which has made me mix my words around lately so that no-one understands what I'm saying.

So here's to hoping that you understood the method even if I didn't make any sense. Do try it, it's a lot of fun!

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