Thursday, 28 July 2011

All cute things

All little princess' need something cute to play with. This raddle was for one of my friends little baby girl who I was able to see on my visit to Finland. Oh what an adorable little princess she was!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Wow, when I started taking pictures inside my childhood home I realized how many different lights and lamps we have. I also realized that I find all of them so very inspiring and awesome. I love the lights in my childhood home.

So instead of giving you a tour inside the house, I'll show you some of the lights I like the most. (And I will give a tour of other things too, sometime later.

Many lights have come during the time this house has formed into a home. But these lights above have been here since the start. I love the simplicity. My dad designed them so that they are all different hight and that at the top there's a compass that points to north (and south and west and east for that matter). Here's also a little sneak peak of what the walls in this house look like.

This is my dad's latest design. The lights are from ikea but the rest are from our junkyard in the old barn. I think he's so clever!

And another one my dad has designed and built himselp. This one might be my favorite, it brings so much light to our kitchen especially during dark winter. I would have taken picture with the lights on but one of the lights was burnt and I wasn't going to change it.

The top one of the last two reminds me a bit of retro style and something they might have had in the 70's and 80's (I'm really bad in telling time periods and their styles so feel free to correct me). And the bottom one speaks for itself I think, it's just a beautiful little light.

And there's the the top 5 lights in my childhood home. It's amazing how much lights in a home can do. After taking these pictures I realized that home wouldn't be home without these lights. After all they do brighten the place.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Childhood home

My childhood home. I love it! I consider myself very lucky for being able to grow in this house and that I can still return and feel at home. I really love what my dad has done. He planned this house and built it with his mates. And he's been adding these little details to it as time has gone by. Next I'll give you a tour inside the house.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Where there's summer a girl needs skirts


Remember this post where I made the skirts using this tutorial for Emmas cousin. Well I had to make some for Emma too. And since we came to Finland (YES, we're in Finland at the moment) and it's hot hot summer here I thought now was a good time. I love the skirts and I love the materials and I think they both look very cute on Emma.

I'll be back with more of Finland!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I love traditions and one of the best ones is how we celebrate the birthday and nameday mornings. This is all thanks to my awesome friend Suvi, who's family has done this probably forever. And as I was introduced to this tradition, I knew straight away it was one of those traditions I wanted to keep in my family. It is a tradition that your whole family will really love!

So by now you should be asking me to tell you what it is. Well in simplicity it's having breakfast in bed. So simple and so sweet. It really can only be a great day when it starts so well. But to make it more interesting and fun you really need this following twist to make it awesome! When you prepare the bread/sandwiches for your birthday boy/girl or nameday boy/girl (still sleeping in the bed) make them of things that you normally wouldn't do. Example: put mustard on the bread, then maybe apple and then cheese. Or some salsa dip, then maybe some meat and mozzarella and tomato slices. Make them as decorative as you can. You'll be surprised how good they actually taste! The next key point is to share the breakfast with whole family. Make enough slices (and all different of course) so that everyone can have a taste of each bread.

Now, I didn't realize to take a picture of the breads I made for my hubby for his nameday (so bummed) so I'll have to do it next time. Instead I'm gonna show you the little present he got.

Hope you're all having a great day!
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