About me

I'm a wife to the most wonderful husband and a mother to the most nicest and cheekiest girl. Family is everything to me, and I mean my extended family too. I am a proud Finn, my husband is a proud Aussi and our daughter is both Finn and Australian. We started our family in Finland, but now we're living in Western Australia.

I love to try new things and I've got more ideas than I have time to do. I love to blog, read other blogs, cook and bake, I love reading to my girl, reading by myself and listening to my husband read. I love good friends and I love to laugh, I love rainy days and mail (oh how I love mail), I love kittens (tho allergic) and I love singing. Best thing is if someone has left a comment on my blog.

I wish I could play the piano, I want to learn to drive a motorcycle and lose heaps of weight, I want learn to like cleaning and gardening. I wish I could learn not to be afraid of spiders and the dark.

I believe that life is about learning and loving the process.

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