Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bathroom renovations

 Here comes our new bathroom, are you ready? Looking at the pictures of the old bathroom makes me wonder how on earth we were able to live with that bathroom and use it every day.

Can you count how many different types of tiles we used to have in the bathroom? I'm counting 4, some with flowers, some beige, some dark beige and then some thin border ones. Flattering wasn't it. So off they came. There was one light bulb and hence the lighting wasn't very good. We had big plans for this bathroom when we started with it, tiles on every wall and better lighting, and just like with the kitchen, we wanted to do it cheap but good quality.

We went to the salvage yard again and found these dark shiny tiles that had been left over from some spa renovations and there were just enough for two walls on our bathroom, perfect. And so that the bathroom wouldn't be too dark we used the same white tiles as we used in the kitchen and to soften it more we made a pine ceiling and put 4 lights in.

What do yo u think of the finished look? We kept the vanity and shower same as they were both in good condition, also the towel rack and the floor stayed the same. I am so loving all the light we now have there and how fresh it looks. The ceiling reminds me of Scandinavia a bit which puts a smile on my face. Thank you again to my dear brother who was the master mind behind all this and did most of the work with the help of his beautiful partner. I did learn some tiling too and how to put silicone (not my favorite thing at all). Loving our bathroom.

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