Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magical time

It's winter. It's sunny and then rainy. It's windy and freezing and then you have too much on and it's hot. It's winter. And I love it.

Then there is our dearest ugg boots. What would we do without you. We use them inside and outside, from morning thru evening.

We had an adventure. Daddy went to get firewood and we climbed up a big and rocky hill. The views were amazing from up high and the noises enchanting. Different birds, few sheep going baa. We were still and quiet. When we spoke, it was just whispers. Magical.

We saw a sunset that looked more like a massive fire somewhere far away. And after the sun had gone down the storm clouds appeared. It was like the rain was extinguishing the burning sun.

And an eagles nest high up in a tree.

The storm is here right now. Wind has ripped off nearly all of the leaves from out tree. I can hear the rain on the window.

We got a treat last night as we were driving back home. Echidna was wabbling across the road. Just before it a kangaroo had hopped across the road, too quick for me to get a picture and noticed just in time that we didn't crash with it. But this little fellow, well he melted my heart.


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