Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Silly things...

I love lists. So here's one:

Things I have done while I've been pregnant that don't really make any sense:

  • Had a collar shirt wrong way around and wondered for an hour why it was so uncomfortable. Yeah took me an hour to figure that out. 
  • Drank watercolour water, you know the one where you dip your brushes. Made so sure that my daughter wouldn't drink it that I ended up having it in my own mouth.
  • Forgot my wallet behind the back door, outside and over night. Lucky no-one stole it. Found it the next morning when I went outside and opened the door.
  • Remembered on Saturday that my daughter was suppose to have vaxinations the previous Tuesday. It then took me about two week to rebook her appointment as I kept forgetting again.
  • Left a needle in a beanie that I took to the store to be sold, turned out I hadn't finished it yet.
  • Cried when I took a pizza out of the oven, because it smelled so nice.
  • Cried hopelessly when I saw a long lost friend standing in front of me. She on the other hand didn't have a clue who this crying and hugging woman was. It had been 10 years sinse we saw each other.
  • Cried when I saw a tv add to remind us that we should wear seatbelts. I could make a whole list of things I've cried about.
  • Was looking for a knife at a friends place, couldn't find it in the first drawer and as I opened the second one I had totally forgotten what I was looking for. So I just kept staring at the content of the second drawer until my friend came to help me.
 There's the ones I can remember, and I didn't even include all the meetings I have forgotten to go to or all the times I have cried for no good reason.

Isn't it amazingly weird how one tiny person growing inside of us can make our brains mash. Have you done something silly while you've been pregnant? I really hope I'm not the only one.


  1. :D Voi! Muistan miten mulla oli raskausaikana ihan samanlaisia juttuja! Kuulosti hyvin tutulta. ;) Multa oli jotenkin mennyt ihan ohi, että olet raskaana (tai olin lukenut mutta unohtanut mikä sekin on mahdollista, vaikken ole raskanaana ;)). Onnea ihan hurjasti! Ja ihanaa odotusaikaa kaikkine kummallisuuksineen. :)

    1. Kiitos ja ihanaa kuulla, etten ole ainoa. Tuntuu, että pää vaan pehmenee päivä päivältä. olen ihan hajamielinen. :)

  2. Wow, mina en tiennyt, etta teilla on vauva 2 on tulossa. Toivottavasti muistat minua, Sisar Olah.
    Mina en enaa muista miten 1 raskauteni meni, mutta muistan viimeisen. Mina kerran nauroin niin kovasti, etta sen jalkeen en pystynyt lopettamaan itkua. Milloin on laskettu aika?
    Onnea teille :)

    1. Tottakai muistan sut!! Laskettu aika on 20 syyskuuta, että muutama kuukausi vielä. Aika menee tosin paljon nopeammin tässä toisessa raskaudessa kuin ensimmäisessä. :)

  3. oh too funny!! i loved this post. im not even pregnant & could relate :)

  4. Haha, that's funny. I do hope that I wont be so emational after the baby's born.


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