Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I will rise above it

I've been sick for nearly 3 weeks now and my energy is running very low. But since I don't feel ok, it's not the end. That gives me comfort. I shall conquer this, I shall.

So my making limits to that clock. We had the $2 clock from Ikea on our wall for over half a year, ugly thing. I took the only parts you need for a clock to work and tossed the rest to the bin. If I would have been more efficient, I would have spray painted the hands white. It had to be yellow to fit in with our same coloured kitchen bench.

So a plastic pizza tray, some fabric and hot glue gun later, we had ourselves a new clock on the wall. I'm more at peace now.


  1. HIeno kello!
    Parempia päiviä sinulle.

  2. Onpa tosi tylsä kuulla, että oot vielä kipeä! Hauska idea tuo kello! <3 Suvi

    1. Kiits. Nyt ollaan jo voiton puolella sanoisin.


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