Thursday, 19 July 2012

Her feather jumpdress

I'd say it's a jumper, but my darling daughter insists that it's a dress. So we'll call it a jumpdress.

I had a vision of it in my head a long time ago and I've just been lacking the execution. Lucky I got the motivation before this winter is over and now she can be fashionably warm. No patterns used here, just my own imagination and one of her basic jumpers to help me get the size right. I am very happy with how it turned out and the feathers just bring a little extra to it.

Little girls really need something long to wear so that you can't see their back flashing while they are playing and having fun.


  1. Todella ihana mekkonen. Oletko leimannut nuo höyhenet? Todella kaunis väri ja ihanat nuo höyhenet.

  2. Oih se tais jäädä kirjoittamatta. En oo leimannut vaan tein sabluunan.

  3. Kaunis mekko ja hyöhenet tuovat suloisen lisän.

    1. Kiitos kaunis. Mustakin ne höyhenet tekee tästä ihanan. :)

  4. Emma on niiin söpö!!!!!!
    (ja mekko myös)


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