Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Two homes

Suppose I could show you what I gave for my husband as a gift on our anniversary. First you need to know that the idea was to buy a tent and go camping on the weekend, but our money situation didn't allow me to buy any tents. So I made something quick and easy, but also nice for our home.

We have this rule when buying an anniversary gift that it needs to be something that is for both of us. With that said, it's not so easy to think of an anniversary gift you know.

You've probably seen many different map crafts around the internet and I love all of them. We both love maps with my husband so it's very suited. The maps are of the two places where we've had our home, in Finland and Australia, and I think there will be a few more of these map pictures.

And if you wonder what he gave to me... well he took me to the observatory to look at the stars, galaxies and planets, he took me to the temple so that our family can be together forever and he gave me a big ring (called yesterday, today and forever, 3 rather decent size diamonds and that's why we don't have any money for anything else). So very smoochy smoochy and nice!


  1. Samat sanat!

  2. Voih! Olen ihaillut tuota samaa ideaa pinterestissä ja nythän munkin on se pakko toteuttaa kun meilläkin on vuosipäivä tulossa.
    Ja kuva sormuksesta. Ihania lahjoja molemmat!

  3. Love this idea! Might borrow it for my new apartment. :)

  4. Steffi you really should! And we'll see if I can take a photo of the ring, I have too chubby fingers.. :)


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