Monday, 31 October 2011

Two strong hearts

Others are spending halloween, but for us today is 2 years from that happy day.

Love you honey!

If you wonder, the song is by John Farnham (very famous Aussi singer back in the good old days) and it's one of the songs that we love and sing. Our song.


  1. Onnea onnea onnea ihanalle pariskunnalle! Miss you! Niin ihana kuva. Mä haluun nähdä näitä lisää! <3Suvi

  2. Onnea Onnea söpöt!!

  3. Kiitän ja kumarran. Oli ei vain mukava päivä vaan ihana koko viikonloppu :)

  4. Oh!!! I love your wedding picture! You look gorgeous and both of you look so yourselves in it, too :) Congratulations for two years, may there be many, many, many more great years and decades to come! <3


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