Monday, 17 October 2011

Head head headbands!

Oh I am so excited about this weeks tutorial that I tried. Jessica from Happy Together has made so many amazing tutorials and I've used her tutorials before too. But this week I really klicked with her patern for so cute headbands.

Here's what mine look like:

It's the same headbands in both of the pictures, I've just turned them around. So in one headband you actually get two! I love how easy and quick these are to make and they actually look so good on! I've already given two away as a birthday present and I think I will be sending most of these away too. But I want to make more!

I'm in love with that grey vintage one that you can barely see in the first picture. It's a keeper. Mine. And I'm also liking the blue butterfly one. Might keep that as well.

So now that you want to make some for yourself, go and get the patern and tutorial here. I need to go to the shop to get more material so I can make more different ones.

Have a great Monday!

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