Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ture story

My husband is an amazing man, but sometimes when he gets his head into something it's all about that. I'm not saying it's a bad thing at all, but I do admit that I get a bit frustrated with this quality of his quite often. So about 3 weeks ago (really I don't know, he would if I would ask) he got a letter that he was accepeted to the Police Academy.

I am really happy for him because it's something he's been striving for for a long time and I honestly think he's going to make a wonderful policeman. He then got a list of things that he's going to need with him and the next day his bag was packed. Yeah proves the point that he really gets into it when he puts his mind to it. Determined, that's the word!

I think he felt like the start of the school year when you go to the shop and buy nice pencils and notebooks and look at bags and other cool things that you might need at school. Oh my little student. The only thing he didn't buy was a pencil case because I promised to make one for him.

So after the bag was packed the reminding started. "Oh oh, I'm ready to start, bag is packed. The ONLY thing missing anymore is the pencil case", is what he would say. So now I'm happy to say that it's finally made and he really is ready to go start school.

There it is and he's very happy. The stencils are from here.

Yay I did something for myself too while I was at it. Now I'm happy happy!


  1. Kiva penaali :)
    Ja onnea opiskelijalle.

  2. What a lovely husband ask for a pencilcase from you. And you've made it manly enough to be cool - love the Australia pen!

  3. Hieno penaali ja tosi hienot merkkilaput! Suvi-Tuuli

  4. Cheers to you all. Hubby loves it and that's good.


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