Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Free printable - Excuse this house

I'm not the most clean freak person in the world, my husband (and my close friends too) can tell you that. And now after Emma's started to move around the house faster than I can keep up, she's learned a new game. It's called Empty everything -game. Every day I have to put her clothes back where they belong about 3 times, collect the shoes around the house about 5 times, clean the kitchen floor about 4 times and put her books back on the shelf about 10 times. And to be honest, sometimes I can't be botherd, so then my husband comes home and cleans (because he is a clean freak).

Those days I think about this poem that I shared with you couple of weeks ago. I wanted to give it to one of my good friends too to let her know what an awesome mother she is.

Then I thought that why not share it around. So I made three different versions of it. You can choose which one you like and print it to yourself or a friend. It doesn't have the author in there because I don't know who's done it. But it's from the book I hope you know how much I love you by John Bytheway. And if you would like it in different colour let me know and I'll try to make it happen.

To download the grey-white one press here.

To download the grey-pink one press here.

To download the grey-turquoise one press here.

This is for all the mothers out there. Hoping you're having an excellent day.


  1. Aivan ihastuttava runo! Tulostin soimaan..

  2. Todella ihana!Kiitos kun jaoit tämän!Mukavaa viikkoa sinne.

  3. Hyvä kun tykkäätte, minäkin tykkään. Olette ihan superäitejä!


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