Friday, 14 October 2011

New family members

We practised so hard to say what they say so that we could talk to them, and Emma was doing really great. Then they arrived and she froze. Turns out it's much easier to talk to a picture than a real thing.

There's five of them. Two were somewhere outside when we went to say hello this morning. And now we're trying to think names. One of them already has a name; the one on the right in the first picture, she's Helga.

They lived in a cage before so now they are experiencing new dimensions, the outdoor, air and such. To be honest I think they are a bit freaked out, but I think they'll learn to love living with space. We are happy, there's now a chick power in this house hold. Poor hubby.

All name suggestions are welcome! Can't promise we'll choose them but if they're really good, we will.

Happy weekend to everyone!

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  1. Söpöä, mutta hei, olisin mäkin jäätyny ihka oikeiden kanojen edessä :D

    Ja yksi ehdoton nimiehdotus: Liisa ;) Voitte sit syödä tän Liisan vaikka jouluna.

    Miss you!
    -Lissu from the city of Turku


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