Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mulberry, so good...

Last week I introduced you with mulberry, remember? Since then I've tried a couple of things with them, besides eating.

Jam... So good! I recommended it on toast for my hubby and as a result he updated his facebook status, and he did it before he went to work (that's big, just so you know. He doesn't update his status too often and definately not in the morning). I think that proves how good it was.

Next of I made a pie. Again, so good! The picture below, the one where the is no pie anymore, is so blurry because I had to hurry to get the picture before it was all scraped away. We did have some guests around, so no, we didn't finish it all on our own.

And you know what... This is what our mulberry bush looks now

 So plenty of berries still coming. What should I try next?

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