Monday, 10 October 2011

Lets make an ART exhibition!

I got inspired! I have a friend in Finland who is a wonderful mother of 6 and so full of ideas. Her photography is amazing and her art astounishing. She knits and sews and you can visit her blog here.

Lately she's made some art to an art café and I was inspired by all the bear art she did. Check it out here. So I thought to try the same method as she did. Now you need to know something about me and art; I love it but I can't make it. And guess what! It was so much fun (though I acknowledge the fact that they are no where near as cool as the bears)! So then I thought you all should try it! And we'll make it into our own little art exhibition here online!

This is how you'll do it:


I don't have the proper watercolours here so I just used kids ones that I found in the cupboard. I don't have proper paper either so I just used what I had. So you don't have to have the fancy stuff to do this and you certainly don't have to know how to paint either. And trust me it's fun.

It doesn't matter if you do it with your child or by yourself. I have given you time till the 7th of November to do it and send a picture to me. I will then make it into an awesome art exhibition that will have it's grand opening on 11.11.11 here at H.E.L.M.I handmade. Sound good??

To enter:
1. Take a picture of your art piece and send it to me at helmihandmade(at)
2. Optional: name the art piece
3. Optional: your name and blog address (if you want people to go to your blog)
Note: you don't have to have a blog to participate!!

If you want to invite others to join please feel free to do so. You are allowed to use the picture at the top on your blog.

Can't wait to see what sort of art pieces we'll have!


  1. Hauskaa! Me tehtiin tällä menetelmällä lasten kanssa , kivaa oli! laitoin sinulle kuvia meiliin..

  2. Täällä tää maalailee :D Postia tulee kunhan saan edes yhden näyttämään joltakin. Hauska juttu!

  3. Hyvä hyvä. Ekat tuli jo perille ja hienoja ovatkin!


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