Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wiggle time

My oh my what a weekend we had. Emma got tickets to The Wiggles -concert on her birthday from her cousin. It was the first daddy date for both of them. And this weekend was finally the long waited concert weekend. Us mums were going to do shopping and have a baby free morning. Sounds good doesn't it.

Then the night before, both of the dads were in the hospital (for different reasons and nothing too dramatic). Our trip was in danger of being canceled. But as the morning came both of the dads were ready to go. And then I fell, in our bathroom, just as we were ready to go. Got a little fracture on my pinky toe and I wasn't able walk.

We went anyway and the two little girls with their dads had wonderful time. Us mums, the fun shopping trip was ruined, but the pinky looks a lot better already!

Of course the two little Wiggles groupies had to have their fan gear on, so I made them both WIGGLE TIME -shirts. Suits them both very well on other days too as these two have energy and lots of wiggle in them.

Oh how tired she was after the concert.

You'd think that this story is over, wouldn't you? But just to prove how much of a wiggle she is, this is her after we got home:

She went and got my bathers and put them on the best she could. She wanted to go swimming. (No we didn't go.)


  1. Oh no!! Hope your toe feels better soon. At least Emma got to enjoy the concert.

  2. :D Ihana Emma saa nauramaan! Ymmärsin hieman väärin sun tekstarien perusteella sen konsertin. Ajattelin, että se on joku isä-tytär esiintyminen jossain :) Hienot fanipaidat olit kyllä värkännyt. Mä fb:stä katoin, että jopas Emma on saanut oikein esityspaidan. Suvi-Tuuli

  3. Hienosti on puettu uikkarit :D Siinähän on ihan siis Avril Lavigne in the making ;)

  4. Cheers Rochelle! I'm not sure if I broke it after all, it's much better now. Still black but I can drive the car.

    Ja voi Suvi sua hassua...


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