Monday, 24 October 2011

Some things about snails

This weeks inspiration comes from the blog, lilla a. Most of you probably have visited this blog, but if you haven't, hurry up and have a look. It's all about making things with kids, and I love that. I can't do much with my little miss yet. She puts everything in her mouth so activities that involve eating are pretty much all we can do (just joking, I'm not feeding my child all day long even though she is a bit chubby).

But sometimes I get to have my friends kids around. And boy are they fun. They get excited about anything, like cleaning and snails. They make me use my brain to come up with different activities. Latest was when I got to look after the youngest of that lot. She loves all things gross, which is so not me by the way, so I remembered an activity that was in lilla a.

Turns out snails have over taken the front of our house. I quickly took the watercolours and some paper, this would be a perfect activity. Oh it didn't work. I later went to check it and realised that they used food colour. So instead of showing you snail art, I'll show you what we learned about snails.

Warning, do not look at the pictures if you have a snail phobia.

Boring, most of them just stayed still. After a little while we realised that they had started eating the paper! Not so boring after all.. Clever little things. In the end our papers were full of holes.

But what happens when one snail desides to move and another snail gets on it's way...

We thought it was funny and super exciting.

Then there was another one who decided to move. We named him Hubsy. My goodness was it interesting to see where Hubsy was going. At first he went towards the steps, then he did a dramatic turn.

Yes it went towards the water. No wonder all the snails come out when it's rain, they really must love it (that was our conclusion).

Oh I didn't know snails and 4 year old put together could be so fascinating.

Have a happy Monday!

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