Friday, 23 September 2011

Note to myself: stop and play

Too often we (meaning my husband and I) get frustrated with Emma when she hangs on us and it's difficult to get things done. I took a picture of one of these instances and as I looked at it later I realised that instead of getting frustrated we should realise how much she would want to see what we're doing, learn while watching us and wanting us to spend time with her.

Excuse this house

Some homes try to hide the fact that children shelter there.
Ours boasts of it quite openly, the signs are everywhere!
For smears are on the windows, little smudges on the door.
I should apologize, I guess, for toys strewn on the floor.
But I sat down with the children and we played and laughed and read;
And if the doorbell doesn't shine, their eyes will shine instead.
For when at times I'm forced to choose the one job or the other,
I want to be a homemaker - but first I'll be a mother.

I don't know the author of that poem, but I read it from a book "I hope you know how much I love you" by John Bytheway. I love it, I think of it often and it sums up pretty much how I want to be. And sometimes I need to remind myself of that. 

One thing I like about scrapbooking; you can write your thoughts to your children, yourself and who ever you're doing the page to on that page. And at least for me it helps me to think about things, put them in perspective and then be reminded of the important things in life whenever I look at them again.

I'm sorry how blurry both of the pages are, but if you click them bigger you can read the text and it should be a bit more clear. I shall go now and play with my beautiful little girl who's mumbling is starting to sound more like words, or maybe it's all in my head.


  1. Voi miten kauniit sivut! Erityisestui tuo ylempi on mieleeni! <3

  2. Voi kiitos. Mäkin tykkään näistä sivuista.

  3. Niin sairaan hienoja molemmat!!!!


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