Thursday, 15 September 2011

It's only a sneak peek

Do you ever feel full of inspiration and you want to do everything right at that second and then something happens and you can't? (And then other days you can't find inspiration anywhere...) I am having that sort of day, the full of inspiration one and yet nothing seems to work out.

I would have liked to show you this project:

...but I can't finish it because I can't find my piece of felt anywhere.

I also would have wanted to tell you about this:

...but I cannot find the cord anywhere so that I could get certain pictures out of my phone.

So do I give up? Usually I would, but today is say NO. I will go back out there and search for my missing items. And that's why this is just a little sneak peek of what you'll be seeing in a (hopefully short) while. And next time when you feel like giving up, because it's just not your day, say NO and keep pushing. Make it your day, because only you can! Even on days like these:

Yeah this 'not giving up' thing is probably more to myself than to any of you. But I'm hoping you're all having a wonderful day!


  1. Ou jeah! Nyt sain nähdä sun hienon pyörän!!! Se on aikas hieno ja tuollainen ihanan retro. Emma näyttää ihanalta takapenkillä :)

  2. Joo ja lisää tulossa ihan kohta. :)


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