Saturday, 17 September 2011

Our new pimpin ride

I FOUND THE CORD! Well actually all I had to do was to ask my hubby who reminded me where it was. (If you don't have any idea of what I'm talking about go back and check this post.)

Now I can present you our new family member. My awesome hubby went to the tip while I was in Finland with Emma and got this bike. He restored it and painted it. Got new parts and made it shiny. Do I need to say more, I love it!

When we got home, we went to buy some helmets and a seat for Emma. Now we are the coolest chicks in town cruising everywhere with out brand new ride. Pictures are from our first ride with Emma. She loves the bike as much as I do.

Australians are very different to Finns when it comes to riding. In Finland almost everyone has a bike and most of them actually use it. In here it's different. Australian's like their cars and go everywhere with them. I have felt ridiculous going to town with the car when it's only few minutes away. So I'm very very happy now that I get to go with the bike. I still use the car when I have to go food shopping but everywhere else I trust that the bike will transport us there.

Thank you so much husband (who's going to be a cop by the way!!!).


  1. Jeremy pääsi sinne poliisikouluun? Onneksi olkoon, tosi ihanaa! Missä se taas olikaan, muutatteko tekin jonnekin vai miten teette? Paljon terkkuja sinne täältä sateisesta Suomesta! T. Taina

  2. Joo pääsi! Jee! Se on Perthin pohjoispuolella eli täältä sellanen 3 tuntia ainakin. Jeremy on viikot Perthissä ja me viikot täällä kotona ja sit hän tulee viikonloppuna aina kotiin. Terkkuja takas!


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