Monday, 26 September 2011

Case for my phone, finally!

This time I want you to go and check out the blog Curly Birds! Helen is an amazing woman with two very cute twin girls. The things she creates and makes for her little girls are so clever and inspirational. I think I'm gonna be trying few of her projects as soon as my little miss grows a bit bigger. But for now I want to show a phone case I made following her this tutorial for an iPod case. Her case looks like this:

Amazing isin't it. My phone's been needing a cover for a long time, so as soon as I saw this I knew what I had to buy when I went to the material store. This is what mine looks like:

I have a feeling that I'll be making few more of these for some lovely people. I'm already thinking of different images that would look great on it. So stay tuned and mean while if you want to make one yourself go here.

Wishing you all a great Monday!


  1. Really cute and handy.

    I'm lacking similar one but I fear that my stiching isn't going to look that professional at all.

  2. Kiitos! Ei mullakaan liian professional oo, mutta ei se haittaa. Pääasia, että näyttää käsintehdyltä.


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