Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Living room - room to live

I was cleaning (yeah that happens sometimes) our living room when I realized that I haven't shared the before and after pictures after our quick living room transformation.

The project started when I got home from our trip to Finland. I put the suitcases on the floor, had a look around and said: "Now boys we have to do something to this place if we're going to have Emma's birthday party here." I said "boys" because at the time we had one Irish living with us. And to our benefit he's profession is painter.

So off to the paint shop we went and after, what I call very quick desicion, we had our paints picked out. And this is what our living room looked/looks:

The "before" picture is a bit miss leading because I actually forgot to take a picture when everything was still at it's place. But you can still see the colour of the walls, the air conditioning that wasn't working and the hidious couch, oh and the curtains (I don't think there's even a word to describe how awful they were).

Now the back wall is grey and all the others are white, we have gotten rid of the air conditioning and we are baby sitting our friends couch so we were able to get rid of the other one. I also bought some cheap curtains from Ikea and that mirror too. I still want to paint that coffee table white, but we'll see if that'll ever happen.

We didn't do much and didn't spend a lot of money, because we don't have much, but we like the way it looks. Thank you Trevor for the awesome paint job!


  1. Hienolta näyttää! Pelkällä maalillakin saa ihmeitä aikaan :)

  2. Mun mielestä on hieno ja tyylikäs muutos! Siistiä, että pikkujutuilla saa ilmettä niin eriksi! Suvi-Tuuli

  3. Hieno muutos. Harmaa korostaa hyvin tuota takkaa. Ja sen ruskean laatikon katoaminen seinältä teki paljon.

  4. No oho mikä muutos! On pikkasen paljon paremman näkönen ku aiemmin! :)

  5. Eikö! Maalilla saa ihmeitä aikaan.

  6. Hieno muutos! Harmaa sopii todella hyvin! Kaunis takka =)

  7. I love love love what you did with the living room. It looks now so cozy and comfy! And I never thought gray could look so great as a wall color. :D

  8. Kiitos! Yeah I love that grey. Boys were trying to make it brown, but i wanted the grey and love it now.

  9. Ihanaa! Siis tässä oon catching up teidän viime aikojen kuulumisia ja haluaisin vaan kommentoida kaikkea! Kaunis olohuone teillä, melkeen saman kokoinen kuin koko teidän vanha kämppä (jonka ikkunaa vieläkin Rikun kanssa katsellaan kaiholla). Ja samaa mattoa oon muuten kattonu Ikeasta :)



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