Friday, 30 September 2011

Fake cards for daddy's wallet

It was Fathers Day here a while ago, well a month ago. In Finland it's much later, I think in November, so when I realized that it was coming up I panicked. I had been spending too much time planning and preparing Emma's party that I totally didn't have time to think about Fathers Day. It's only few days after Emma's birthday in here.

All in all I didn't have time to make anything for him. I felt rather bad. But we bought him a new wallet and made a few little fake cards inside it:

So now when daddy uses his wallet we're hoping that every once in a while he'll pull out one of these cards instead of the card he would have needed and hopefully it will brighten his day.

Emma really is a daddy's girl. She runs to the door when she hears it opening, because that's a sign that dad's home. She cries when he leaves. She hangs in his feet all the time. Precious.


  1. <3 en tiiä mitä muutakaan tähän kommentoisin.

  2. Ihanat kuvat ja tekstit. Oivaltavia:)

  3. onpa ihania, sanat oli niin kauniit. Meilläkin olis koneella kuvia joissa roikutaan kahvassa ja ootellaan, täytyykin heti kaivella =)

  4. Kiitos! Ja kyllä se isikin tykkäsi kovasti vaikkei ollutkaan itsetehty lahja.


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