Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Road trip

What do you do on a Saturday when you've got nothing planned? We did a road trip. We've done these before, but not in a long time. So as we woke up to a new and bright morning last Saturday, we decided to be spontanious and hit the road. This is where we went:

The idea of the trip was to drive from Cape to Cape. Now if you look at the map above you should find Narrogin, the start and end point of our trip (it's not inside the red circle) and depending on how good your knowledge of Australia is and how good you are in maths you might be able to calculate that that trip was about 750km. It took us a bit over 12 hours.

We saw...
...two lighthouses = we went from Cape to Cape,
...two different oceans,
...lots and lots of flowers,

We heard...
...crying and wining from the back seat,
...laughs and giggles from the back seat,
...many songs,
...a lot of quiteness after the battery went flat from the iPod.

And we took pictures of our feet.


  1. Ihastutavia nuo jalkakuvat. Etenkin se ihan eka kuva.

    Rva Kepponen

  2. Mä oon samaa mieltä! Eka kuva oli varsinkin aivan ihastuttava! Ja teillä on hienot värikkäät uudet kengät näemmä :) Suvi-Tuuli

  3. Joo ollaan samiksia Emman kanssa. Mun kengät maksoi $5.50 ja Emman $8. Nyt jo siis lapsemme vaatetus maksaa enemmän kun mun :) Mutta tykätään.


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