Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Spring is what? GREEN!

That's right, I love when nature is green! And it's green here right now. I'm trying to take it all in as long as it lasts. Love it love it.

It's amazing how much green changes the nature. I feel peace in my heart when I'm in the green nature. It relaxes me and gives me strenght. It makes me run even though I'm very much unfit. I can't feel that I'm unfit because the nature makes me feel young and strong. Nature, what would I do without you. I enjoy the rain, I enjoy the sun, I even enjoy the cold. I wish I could find a place on this earth where it would be this weather all year around and that would be my kinda place. Thank you Australia for your beautiful spring!


  1. Upeat maisemat! Mitä tuossa tienreunassa hohtaa oranssina?

  2. Se on hiekkaa! Täälläpäin hiekka on tuollaista punaista!

  3. Niin kaunista! Kyllä minä Suomen syksystä hyppäisin sinne oitis ;) Haavelistalla heti Japanin jälkeen.


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