Wednesday, 31 August 2011

DIY Chalkboard (easy tutorial and quick too if I may add)

You probably saw that in the previous post and I wanted to show you how we did it, because it was so so easy and quick!

It all started when I went to buy some material in Perth and green chalkboard paint was on sale. Then this happened:

Yeah I got home and drew this for my hubby. Bunnings on that piece of paper means the shop where I thought we would get all this stuff that we needed. Turns out I was right and in we went. It also turned out that during our shopping spree we realized that it would have been cheaper to buy one than make one, eg. ikea had one for less than $20 if I remember correctly. So I had to sell my idea and reasons why to make it ourselves for my husband (and I'll do it to you too incase you're thinking like my husband).

When you make things yourself, you put special meaning in it at the same time. I believe that my daughter will value things (in this case the chalkboard) much more when she knows that her father has made it thinking of her. And I think you can't really put a prise on that sentimental value. So sometimes even if it was cheaper to buy it, make it yourself. It means much more that way.

So now that you agree with me and want to make it yourself too (even though you might get it cheaper from ikea) here's a list of things that you need (or what we used):
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint brush
  • board (we used 900mm x 600mm x 3mm board that we cut in half so two board pieces ended up being 600mm x 450mm)
  • timber for the sides (we had 3 pieces of 1800mm x 40mm x 20mm timber that we cut into the parts we needed)
  • a saw and a hammer and a drill
  • nails
  • 2 hinges with screws (8 screws)
  • sandpaper
You can use different measurements if you wish to, this is just how we did it. And I'm sorry about the darkness in the photos, we did it after Emma went to bed. But it sure was a quick project!

Here's to how to:

Cut the board in two (600mm x 450mm) pieces and paint them with the chalkboard paint of your choise. Cut also the parts for the sides (4 long ones and 4 short ones). We used 1800mm x 40mm x 20mm timber (we had 3 pieces of them) so the long parts ended up being 900mm and the short ones 370mm.

 After the paint has dried it's time to put it together. Make the two sides of the chalkboard separate first. You'll need your nails and hammer for this part. We used 2cm long nails.

Next you drill small holes where the hinges go and screw the hinges to place attaching the two sides together. You should also sand the sides and corners so it looks great and your little ones won't get any sticks on their hands

 And ta da you're DONE! FINISHED! and ready to draw.

Note: Doesn't work too well with a one year old yet because they still put everything in their mouth and don't get the drift of drawing yet. But we tried it anyway:


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Emma!! One is such an exciting age. Love your chalkboard - it looks a lot sturdier that ones that you can buy, and I agree kids love things that their parents have made especially for them.

  2. Thank you so much! And I hope she'll value the fact that dad has made it for her. :) For now she'd just want to eat the chalk.

  3. We were just talking about how we need to make an easel for our youngest son and I was trying to explain that we could make one side a chalk board (I also found chalk board paint on sale! And I have 2 projects for it) and the other side could be an easel! And I stumbled upon this! It is perfect and will be done in time for Christmas! Love your blog by the way!!! :)


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