Monday, 8 August 2011

Inside the house

Oh I love my childhood home. All the things my dad has collected over the years (paintings and pots) and all the things I've collected over the years (buttons and fabrics). Wish I could have this house moved to Australia.

After taking these pictures I realized why I'm such a collector in nature. It's really difficult to throw things away because I might make something out of it or use it or fix it or resycle it, the options are endless. So dear husband, when you read this, it's not my fault, I blame my parents and the way I've been brought up.


  1. that could be my home..nice to see

  2. Ei vitsit... en mä tiennyt, että sulla on noin paljon nappeja! Mäkin haluun!

  3. Oisit sanonu niin oisin antanut. :) Ens kerralla annan sulle kasapäin.


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