Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Happened not too long ago: We were in the library with Emma and as usual she started to pul out the books on the floor. As I went to put the books back on the shelf I noticed a book with a very familiar word on the cover.

Yes that book was here in Australia, in a small town library! Can you believe it! The story is about two girls, one living in Australia and the other living in FINLAND! They are penpals and write emails to each other.

Now I remember when I was a little girl and had penpals, and we wrote letters, on paper with pen. But apparently this is the way they do it these days, email. But that's a side track.

It's written by an Aussi and the pictures are drawn by a Finn. I had to borrow it and read it. I think the pictures show really well the different climate and culture.

The book is leading into Christmas and how the two girls and their families prepare for Christmas. It's about how cold it is in Finland and how hot it is in Australia. The girls send each other cold breezes and hot sunny days to help cope with the different climates.

 I can't but admit that I do miss Finland and Christmas time there, especially after this picture.

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  1. Joo täällä alkaa olla pilkkopimeää jo ennen viittä ja nyt tänään oli ensimmäistä kertaa kirpakampi sää vaikkei vielä pakkasta. Tulee heti jouluinen fiilis! Toivottavasti pääset sielläkin sitten tunnelmaan ja ettei sulle tule liian kova koti-ikävä. I miss you. Suvi-Tuuli


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