Monday, 28 November 2011

Red shoes

I was too little to remember this ever happening, but I've heard it so many times that has become a memory to me. When my grandmum died, I would have been about 3, my dad told my mum to go and buy a pair of black shoes for me for the funeral.

But as we got to the shoe store I glanced at a pair of red shoes. I had insisted on trying them on and when I got them on I didn't want to take them of. In the end my mother had to buy the red ones to get us out of the store, without any black ones.

The story continues that when my dad saw the red shoes, he wasn't too happy. Because who can wear red shoes to a funeral! Well I did, and they shine in every picture from that funeral. I loved my shiny red shoes.

So when I saw a pair of red shoes in an op shop I couldn't resist, and neither could Emma. She was lifting her feet signaling me to put them on for her. No funeral this time, but one very happy girl again. I think every girl needs a pair of bright red shoes.

Oh and I made that dress for her. Pattern from Ottobre 3/2011. I love that material and she looks adorable in it. And you can guess who she wanted to spend the whole weekend with. My little daddy's girl. It's so nice to have dad home for the weekends. 


  1. Ihana tarina ja niin ihana Emma, että tuli pala kurkkuun, kun niin ikävä iski! Ja vauvakuume :) Kukapa ei noin söpöä tyttöä haluaisi! <3 Aunty Suvi

  2. Emma on vaan niiiiiiin sulonen!


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