Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st of December, it's Christmas time

I can't believe it's already the 1st of December! For some reason as we get closer to Christmas, my baking side wakes up and I start planning little treats. I thought I'd share some of those ideas with you during this Christmas.

Last year we made these melting snowmen that you've probably seen all over the blogland. Awesome and fun idea we thought.

All you need to do is put two pieces of milk chocolate on top of a biscuit, melt some while chocolate and pour over the chocolate pieces and biscuit. Then place marshmallow on top of that. We used snöre for the scarf and the nose, but you can use what ever kind of candy works the best for you. And then make the eyes, buttons and arms with melted milk chocolate.

Yummo, enjoy!


  1. Ihania! Mä näin lumiukot ihan ensimmäistä kertaa ja laitan kokeiltavien listalle kyllä.

  2. Oih ihanko totta! No kannattaa kokeilla, meillä ainakin kaikki viime vuonna ihastuivat näihin. Pienimmät vetelivät suuhunsa ja mummot säästivät ja heillä ne on varmaan vieläkin kääreessään. :)


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