Friday, 16 December 2011

Last minute gifts - for home

Are you ready for the last quick present idea. I realized that all of these are also very small and light so they could also be named "last minute and cheap to send in the mail gifts". Yeah you can guess that I'm going for all those sorts of gifts since I have been sending lots of things to Finland.

Yay for cute magnets! You can make these individual for the person you're giving them to. You could put art images on them, alphabet or draw your own pictures. Use your imagination!

Here's what you'll need

- small images (you can get them from magazines or print them)
- glass pearls, or whatever you might call them. They need to have an even surface on the other side. You can buy these in almost any craft shop
- super glue
- magnets

You all know I love the little miss and mr. men characters, so I wanted to try this out with them first. Your images need to be really small. The glass pearls make them look like much bigger.

Start by getting your pictures ready and cut them out to the size of your pearl. Then put glue on the smooth side of the pearl and drop it on your image. Turn it quickly other way around to dry so that it won't stick to the table.

Glue all the images on the pearls and then get your magnets ready. If you want strong magnets, use the round thick ones that you can find in the craft shops. I used some magnet strips that I pulled of from an add. Super glue the magnets on and let it dry. And you're done!!!

So remember how I said that you can use this idea to make the cufflinks and earings? Here's what I did.

Superman logo's are to be cufflinks.

Audrey Hepburn ones are going to be earings for my friend and the Peter Pan ones are going to be earings for me. The image doesn't give justice so I might get a picture of them in my ears.

Enjoy your Christmas preparation and have a wonderful weekend. Next week I will share a few things I've done to remind us of the real reason we celebrate Christmas.


  1. Audrey -korvakorut on aivan uskomattoman upeat!!! I can't get over it :) Oot niin täynnä ideoita ja luova ja taitava etten lakkaa kyllä ihmettelemästä sitä!

    Toivotanpa teille tässä samalla ihanaa ja rauhallista joulunaikaa (ne joulupallot raamatunkohtineen jne. on muuten hienoja! :)
    Be blessed,
    se toinen suvi :)

    (p.s. jos audrey- tai muita koruja tai oikeastaan mitä tahansa upeaa, mitä teetkin, jää yli, niin voin antaa osoitteeni mihin saa lähettää :D)

  2. Kiitos suvi ja en mä nyt tiedä niistä ideoista.. Ihanaa joulua myös sinne. Pistäpä osoitetta tulemaan, niin sitten voisin pistää edes myöhäistä joulukorttia tulemaan.


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