Monday, 12 December 2011

Last minute gifts - for a baby

Oh yay Christmas is nearly here! Do you have all your presents made/bought and wrapped? Awsome if you do, I don't. So this week I'm sharing one idea a day of something that you can make, that is super easy and quick too.


Ready for the first projects. It's for the little ones. I've seen them around before I had my baby and I didn't understand what the big deal about it was. It wasn't until I had Emma that I realised that she was obsessed with tags. Tags on toys and tags on clothes, tags on anything. So I made her a blanket with tags, and she spent a long time quietly looking and pulling all the tags. Awesome for long drives for example.

I found this cute material in an op-shop, it used to be a blanket cover. Isn't it cute.

What you'll need is

- a4 sheet of paper
- material (about 40 cm x 20 cm depending on the size you want to make)
- ribbons
and that's it.

Start of by making yourself a pattern. I used a4 paper to make a square. Then fold your material so that you can get two square pieces at the same time. Pin your pattern and cut the square off. Iron the pieces.

Cut your ribbons, as many as you want. I cut them about 6/7cm long. Then place the pieces of fabric right sides facing each other. Fold the ribbons in half, forming a loop and place them in the middle of the two pieces of fabric. Pin them so that they won't move when you sew. Do this to all the sides.

Sew the sides together, but remember to leave a gap where you can turn your blanket right way around. I used and overlocker, but you can just as well use a sewing machine.

After you've turned it around sew a straight line around the whole blanket. Remember to turn the gaps sides inside, that way you won't even know where you've turned it around. Sewing all around the blanket will not only close the gap but ensure that the tags stay put and won't come off when the little baby is playing with it.

And ta-da, you're done! One super cute blanket in no time and one super happy baby on Christmas!


  1. Ihana kangas! And the answer to you question: NO!!

  2. Mähän vaan huomasin sun uuden sormuksen tässä kuvassa -i-h-a-n-a! Menittekö te jo temppelinaimisiin? Hyvää, parasta ja rauhallista joulua!!!!

  3. Paniikki täällä ainakin hiipii pikkuhiljaa, kun lahjat eivät edisty. Mutta minäkin nautin tuosta kankaasta, ihana löytö. Ja Liisa on ihan missannut yhden postauksen, missä kerroin, että me olemme perhe ihan ikuisesti :) Olit kyllä mun ajatuksissa sinä päivänä (en tiedä onko se hyvä asia vai ei.)

  4. Aina hyvä asia,jos temppeli tuo mieleen mut ;)


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