Thursday, 8 December 2011

Just add ice cream

As I was doing the hot chocolate sticks and enjoying my hot chocolate in 30 degrees heat, I realised that people in the hot part of the world aka Australia, probably won't be making hot chocolates as presents for anyone.

So I wanted to make something that I could give to my family and friends here without them thinking that I've gone mad giving them hot chocolates on a stick. I wont take credit for this idea though. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was the coolest idea.

You need:

- a box to put all the stuff in (I used a shoe box)
- paper/material/wrapping paper, what ever you want to coat your box with if it's needed
- what ever decorations you want to use to decorate your box
- waffle cones
- small resealable bags
- chocolate chips
- marshmallows
- 100's and 1000's
- sprinkles
- m&m's
- chocolate sauce
- caramel sauce
- strawberry sauce
- 3 small jars eg. baby food jars
- what ever else you want to use

First make your box pretty and inviting. Remember to write somewhere instructions: Just add ice cream

Next put all the chocolate chips, 100's and 1000's, marshmallows, sprinkles and m&m's each in their own resealale bags. Put also the sauces in the small jars. Remember to clean your jars properly before you put the sauce in them.

Put all these in your box and wish a very merry Christmas. I'm pretty sure that the receiver will have a merry one after getting this.

Tomorrow the last sweet Christmas treat that I will share. And it's the one Christmas treat that I really need in my Christmas for it to be a real Christmas. Can you guess what it is??

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