Friday, 30 December 2011

So much my time

I have been dreaming of this, fantasizing even, but I never really believed it could be possible.

Last week I have...

... been mesmerized and relaxed by a book, not being able to put it down and not needing to put it down.

... gone to the movies for the first time in a year. Some might not understand (like my husband) but I really really have missed going to the movies.
... been so overwhelmed by my husbands extended family and spent a whole day with them in the park.

... been lying on the bed with my aussi mum and little sis, giggling and chatting.

... listened to an amazing Christmas album by our dear friend who just got back from the US.

... spent an amazing evening with an old friend, without any hassle, pure enjoyment.

... put my baby to sleep by holding her in my arms and singing to her, something I haven't done since she was very little.

So I have not been on the computer for a week. Instead I've been spending time with myself and with the people I love (and missing a lot of those people I love back in Finland, back in home).

I haven't even taken any pictures (which I do regret). So here's our Christmas card that we sent out this year.


  1. Been missing you too! Oli ihana jutella aattona. Ihanaa uutta vuotta sinne. Sun viikkosi kuulostaa aika mahtavalta. <3 Suvi

  2. Kiits, oli ihana jutella kyllä. Ihanaa uutta vuotta myös sinne!


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