Thursday, 15 December 2011

Last minute gifts - for her

Last year I made some earings. This year I decided to make some more. Why you ask? Because you can never have too many earings and because they are so easy and quick to make!

You'll need

- earing pieces, you can buy these almost at any craft shop, very easy to find
- something to decorate them, eg. buttons, pearls, just use your imagination
- super glue

This year I decided to make dice earings. I got black square pearls from our local craft shop and then painted the dots on them. There is a hole in the pearls but when you leave it at the side you won't see it when you're wearing it. 
So again like in the cufflinks, just glue them together and you're ready. You could use the legos in this one too Iäm sure.

You can also use tomorrows idea for making earings (and cufflinks). Are you excited? I am.

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