Thursday, 9 May 2013

What rain can do to you.

I'm lying in bed under the warm covers not wanting to get up. Then I start to listen, am I hearing what I think I'm hearing? Is that... I get up and run to the window. Yes it's RAIN! Rain is here, my darling friend rain! My muse, the thing that kicks me in the backside and gets me working, rain. My daughter is outside running around in her pyjamas, no shoes. I call her inside and tell her what a good girl she is. We take her soaking wet pyjamas off and put her clothes on and a rain jacket and gumboots and outside she goes. I go with her, in my woolen socks, I'm not a very good example to her. We're using all of our senses, feeling the rain, listening the rain, tasting the rain and smelling the rain. I try to take a few pictures, but it doesn't work. You just can't capture the beauty of rain with an iPhone. I go inside and I smell something else, something burning. It's a horrible smell. It's our breakfast porridge. All burnt and ruined, I was too overwhealmed by the rain that I forgot the whole porridge. Oh well I thought, open the windows, let the bad smell of burnt porridge go out and welcome in the lovely smell of rain. Now bring out the materials I need to make something.

Beanies; little ones, big ones, girly ones and some for boys. Thank you rain. Do come again.

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