Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Toddler craft // our new necklaces!

Couple of weeks ago I ordered some wooden beads online and I had actually forgotten that I even ordered them, until the mail came today. Emma went nuts over them. She was telling me all the colours and was pleading me to make a necklace for her. Well ok daughter, I thought, but you can do it yourself.

What a super awesome activity to do with your child! It builds their motor skills like no other and you can teach them counting and colours at the same time. So get some wooden beads and some thin round elastic and get creating necklaces.

She didn't have the energy to do a whole necklace full of beads, but I think it actually looks more hip and fresh when there's only few there, and I made the knot at the back so that if she ever wants to continue she can. She put hers on very proudly and then she asked me where mine was. Oh I didn't even think to make one for myself as I was in awe staring at her and amazed of how wonderfully she was doing her own necklace.

Guess what she did next, after she had just told me that she was tired of making hers and that it was finished. Yes she started to make me one. I told her the colours I wanted on mine and she kept picking them and putting them on the elastic. Thank you baby girl for making me a lovely autumn colour necklace.

Now we can match all winter long. Aren't they cool!

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  1. Voi Emma ihanuus! Hänestä tulee kyllä niin kaunis nainen. T. aunty Suvi


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