Saturday, 11 May 2013

So many great things in this town...

What a great and eventful start for the weekend I've had. On Friday night I was invited to celebrate Victoria's place's first birthday and the opening of the Quirky Cake Queen's shop there. What a wonderful evening it was, beautiful people, yummy cupcakes and lots of pretty things to buy and admire. Here's just a few of the hundred pictures I took.
Two happy and glamorous ladies, Victoria and Natalie aka Quirky Cake Queen

 I sneaked a picture of myself there. Oh it felt good to dress up fancy, put a little make up on and go out celebrate with these wonderful people. I even had a break from my food plan and enjoyed couple of churros and a cupcake! And they tasted divine!

Then this morning we walked to town to enjoy Dryandra Country Art, Food and Wine Trail. We went to a farmers market, enjoyed some gourmet pizza and tried to take all the art in we could.

 Little town of Narrogin, you surprise me once more so positively. I loved loved loved all the things we participated and feel so inspired now.

 Thanks hubby for taking few photos of me and the kids as well. I feel truly blessed.


  1. Sä oot laihtunut nainen ihan hullusti! Kuntokuuri näyttää purreen! Wow!

    1. Haha, kiitos! Vielä ois sellanen 10 kiloo mistä pitäis päästä eroon, että matka on vasta puolitiessä. Hiljaa hyvää tulee.


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