Monday, 6 May 2013

Dinosaur beanie // Sewing class

When I was asked to plan and run a sewing class for boys I jumped out of joy! What a great idea to have a sewing class for boys!! Victoria's place organises school holiday programs for kids in our town. It's a great way to give kids something to do during the holidays as often the parents are still working.

I was all over this challenge and came up with this dinosaur beanie. It's so groovy and cool. My students were amazingly talented even though it was their first time sewing with a sewing machine. I was proud as punch when I saw their beanies in their heads, and so were they.

 I ended up having only three children and yes one of them was a very brave girl, but it was just perfect amount so I was able to help them along all the time. So talented, so talented! I also did another class, but of that I'll post a bit later. And this class will be running next school holiday as well!

Oh happy Moday everyone! May it be a productive week!

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