Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Told ya there would be pants

Didn't I promise pants? I was going through all the baby clothes we were given and there were literally no pants.Yes, this still unborn child didn't have any pants. So mum and I started a production line. She did the cutting, I did the sewing. Materials are old linen and mens shirts. The same materials I used to make these buntings HERE, so very well recycled. I think we'll make a few more of these after we've tried them on the baby. I call them groovy clown pants.


  1. Söpöjä! Täälläkin tarvitaan pöksyjä. Itse asiassa mulla on jo kangas sekä kaava odottamassa, mutta mutta... Suurta Intoa vielä odotellaan. :)

    Voimia loppuodotukseen!

    1. Joo kyllä se innostuksen puuskan tarvii ja vähän ylimääräistä aikaa! :) Tsemppiä myös sulle.

  2. Ihania hyväntuulenhousuja :D


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