Monday, 24 September 2012

Mother dear

Mother dear came to visit. She brought a lot of things for us, and these are the things she brought.

A rocking horse that I was only dreaming off when I was little. Our neighbours had one and I always wished that I could have had one just like that. Now my little girl has one! Thanks mum. And she looooves it. The best part? It's second hand and in such a good condition.

All my moomin cups and three new ones! Now I just need to think of a place to show them off well.

A new bag for Emma, actually it's her very first own bag. Isn't it neat! She wants to carry it everywhere and puts all her treasures in it. See, she's even having it on while jumping on the bed with grandma.

The best treasures of all. She brought with her two dolls that she had made. One for Emma and one for the baby, the third one is mine that she made for me about 25 years ago! She didn't know that I had brought it with me here when we moved, so she was touched to see that the old one and the two new ones she had made were all in the same place now. I love these dolls. The big ones clothes can be changed, so I think I'm going to have to sew some more clothes for her soon. The babies are just wearing that one outfit for the rest of their lives.

It felt like Christmas when she came! Oh the joy!


  1. Voi miten ihana postaus ja ihana Emma ! Nuo nuket sai kyyneleet mun silmiin. Tein samanlaiset aikoinaan omille lapsilleni mutta ne taitavat olla kadonneet maailman turuille. Voih,
    Ihanaa kun sait äidin avuksi. Hyviä vointeja sinne ja toivottavasti kohta alkaa tapahtua, että nukke näkee omistajansa :)

    1. Joo ne on niin lapsuus nukkeja. Onneksi hän oli vielä jaksanut väsätä näillekin lapsille sellaiset. Toivottavasti ovat yhtä rakkaat, kuin tuo mun nukke on ollut mulle. Ja ei sitä tiedä, kyllä sunkin nuket varmasti jossain ovat! Kiitos ja täällä toivotaan jotain tapahtuvaksi, mutta ei vaan mitään tapahdu. :)


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