Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Proud, so proud

We don't often get to go out on a date. There just isn't much to do in this little country town and we don't have that kind of close circle where there would be someone who could look after Emma. But when I saw on the internet that one of my favorite Finnish groups, Rajaton, was coming to Perth, I just knew I had to go see them. They sing acapella and are amazingly talented. This time though, they performed with WASO, Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, singing ABBA songs.

So hubby, oh my awesome hubby, bought us tickets. The concert was two weeks before my due date. Yes some thought it was a risk, I didn't. I was determined to see them. And they were awesome!

We were singing and dancing, the whole audience was! I felt so so proud to be a Finn. And so happy to see so many Australians excited about them and loving their performance. They asked if there were any Finns in the audience and I went crazy! After the concert I got to talk with them. It was just a little dream come true. So thank you darling for taking me out on a special date.

The pictures are taken with out phone camera, very sneaky sneaky, hence the quality isn't very good.


  1. kuulostaa hyvältä!!
    tsemppiä Merja loppurutistukseen!
    oot ajatuksissa! <3

    1. Kuulosti joo erinomaiselta! :) Kiitos Suvi. Täällä vielä odotellaan..


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