Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Crafty shower

I'm so lucky, I have such an amazing sister-in-law. She threw me a crafty baby shower, just my kind of thing. And the best part was that she let me be a bit bossy and say what things I wanted to do. In fact she let me organize all the crafties.

I had to think of a crafty activity that would be easy for everyone to make, even if they thought they weren't crafty at all. So I made these origami stencils using THIS free font. Everyone got to choose which one they wanted to make and what colour they wanted to use. The onesies were all the plain secondhand ones that I've been given.

I thought they turned out amazing! I love them all and can't wait to dress our little one in these. Hopefully he/she will fit into some of these as some of them seemed so so tiny. I love the bear and the elephant and the birds, oh I love all of them!

And it wasn't just my darling friends who got involved.. After all the stencils were used, I had an onesie left so one of the guys wanted to draw a little something for the little one. How cute is this little chick onesie.

Thanks Shelley, you truly are the best! And thank you all my lovely ladies who stepped out of their comfort zone for me and did something crafty. I am so ready now to have this little baby. Oh no I'm not actually.. I still don't have any pants for the little one. I shall do them next.


  1. Ihanat babyshowerit! Ja tuotoksetkin ovat niin kivoja.

  2. Kiitos, ne oli tosi kivat ja oon ihan innoissani näistä tuotoksista. Toivottavasti jo pian pääsisi kokeilemaan päälle.


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