Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spring, you beauty!

We felt like Emma didn't have enough toys outside. I whinged and hubby went to the internet and found us a second hand swing set. We set sail to get this swing set, and on our way to Perth we somehow managed to get another one too. And if that wasn't enough, we also got some grass for free.

That patch of grass looks like a beautiful and soft green quilt. It'll take a while before it roots itself, but hopefully it'll start spreading and take over our whole backyard. We also planted some capsicum, tomatos, cucumber, lettuce and snow peas.

Spring, you beauty! Time to start growing things, time to play outside and why not also eat outside. Emma's favorite at the moment, sushi.

There's nothing better than gardening with the family. Loving these moment.


  1. Vaihtaisin mielelläni vuodenaikaa kanssasi. Syksy ja tuleva pimeys ei juuri inspiroi :(

    1. Joo tykkään kyllä tästä keväästä, mutta en yhtään innolla odota tuota kuumaa kesää. Nyt jo osa päivistä tuntuu liian kuumilta.. Koskaan ei oo hyvä :)


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