Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Stripes and pom poms

Yes it's beanies again. I just love them. Had a play with some stripes this time and ended up putting some pom poms at the top too. And one without any stripes.

It is cold here! The wind is blowing like a bull mad and if it's not windy it's rainy. I am freezing, but also loving this. Trees are turning yellow and we can cuddle up in bed late in the mornings listening to the rain thinking how lucky we are that we can stay indoors. And when the sun appears we run outside to take the few rays in, feeling the warmth.


  1. Oi kun tuollaisen valko-puna-sinisen kalastajaraidallisen saisi!!! Olisi yks yhteen pojan puvun kanssa. <3

  2. Tuo vihreä ja puna-valko-sininen ovat aivan ihQuja!!! ;)Ja tupsut tekee hauskan viimeisen silauksen hattuhin.

  3. Kiitos ihanaiset!! NorppaStiina teille on tulossa pipo postissa ja hanna-naa just tuo valko-puna-sini raidallinen meni :) Täytyy vissiin niitä tehdä enemmän.


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