Tuesday, 22 May 2012


What a weekend. I have so many things to share, but we'll take it one at a time. And the first thing I want to share is the airshow we went to during the weekend. I have never been to one, but it sure was many things. Here's the few photos I thought were the coolest out of the 200 pictures we took:

I couldn't be bothered editing these, there are just too many.

Lot's of massive planes, small planes, noisy planes, planes that did tricks and planes that had smoke coming out of them. Also a lot of sun, people and did I meantion noise!

Some of the tricks were really cool, hearts, loops and some that looked like fireworks:

And some a bit more scary:

All in all it was a great day. I had a massive head ache by the end of it, caused by the noise and the sun, Emma was full of beans even though she'd pointed the planes all day going "WOW" and hubby was so pleased to see B-52 (sorry if I got it wrong hun) which is the biggest bommer in the world or something like that. We had a fun family day and it took us 12 hours at the show, out of which 3 were spent in the car waiting to get out of the car park. Yay for these days.

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