Friday, 18 May 2012

Sport fans

I'm sure every country has that one sport that everyone gets excited about. I know that in Finland it's ice hockey and we're living exciting times as the world championship games are on. Yes I'm very much excited and following what's happening there even though I'm on the other side of the world.

For Australia that sport would have to be footy, aka Australian football. Yes I do like that game too though not as much as ice hockey. Everyone has their team that they support and merchandise to go with it. So as Emma's grandad turned a year older again, I thought you can't go wrong with some handmade fan stuff.

Yes all that mambo jumbo stuff about sports and ice hockey and footy was there just so I could show you these socks that I made for Emma's grandad. Haha, very poor effort, I know.

The team that Emma's grandad supports is Collingwood (as all Aussies would know after seeing those socks) and yes they look rather big, but I did test them on hubby's foot and they were just perfect. Hopefully he'll like them.

Funny thing about Aussies and knitting that I heard; they can't knit with 5 short knitting needles (what you use to knit socks or mittens), or it feels overly challenging to them. Now all you Aussies you can correct this because I don't know if that's true. Though one lady did ask me if it were easier to do these with the round needle thingis. Oh boy I said and rolled my eyes.

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